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Teenage Dreams So Hard To Beat – Vintage Comics

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Rebellion, religion and lots of romance are featured in these groovy comics aimed at Teenagers in the late Sixties and early Seventies.

Enjoy the Sooper Hippie in Flower people and love beads. Witness Mod glamour girl Millie the model visiting Carnaby street and meeting The Gears, who are apparently “Cooler than The Beatles, Kookier than The Kinks”. See Tom Skinner taking the word of god to the ghetto in the Spire Christian comic Up from Harlem. And for those less spiritual there’s Swing with scooter and The way-out world of Windy and Willy.




Sooper Hippie in Flower People

Sooper Hippie in Love Beads

from the Spire Christian comic

Henry - Jumbo Size - Feb 1966
Millie The Model - On Carnaby Street
Swing With Scooter
All New Romantic Story
Millie The Model
That Wilkin Boy
Windy and Willy
Teen-Age Love
My Love Comic 1970
Girls' Romances 1968
I won't accept just HALF A LOVE!
Up From Harlem -1975

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