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Bags of Style – Record Shop Bags

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Back in the day when every high street had a record shop and people actually went out of their houses to buy music the record shop bag was quite a style accessory for any aspiring young man (or woman) about town.

We’ve had a good root around the internet and dug out these images of record shop bags from times gone by. Quite how many of these are still trading we don’t know for sure but it’s not many. Soul Jazz is certainly still in business and Stiff Records re-surfaced a few years ago but this was only ever a label rather than a shop. Our Price went to the wall in 2004 and HMV’s recent travails are well documented although it seems they have changed their strategy of late and are now focusing more on vinyl sales which, in our humble opinion, can only be a good thing. So put your retro spex on, wallow in a bit of nostalgia and see if you remember any of the record bags below.

Vintage Record Shop Bag
1998 - Ernest Tubb Record Shops - USA-Nashville
Roy Hurst Wigan record bag
Beggars Banquet - UK - Album Bag - late 1970s
1980s WH Smith Record Dept paper bag
Rock On - Mannheim - Album Bag - 1978 - 82
HMV - London - LP Bag - mid 1970s
Musique Boutique - London - LP Bag - Late 1970s
Harlequin - London - LP Bag - 1970s
Vintage Record Shop Bag
Keith Prowse Music Store bag, for 45s (1960s)
record bag
record bag our price
Oslo Norway - Record Store Bag 1977
Slough Record Centre
Records and Tapes, Falmouth, Cornwall
Soul Jazz Records, Soho London & Brighton
Boston 1970 -

parrot records '83

Jays Music Record Shop Cambridge

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