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Rock in Trade – Musicians in Adverts

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One of the many perks of stardom is the opportunity to use your fame to increase your fortune through lending products extra gravitas merely using your own personal endorsement.

This has been going on since the year dot and continues to this day mainly because it works. When footballers advertise fried chicken sales increase. QED.

Clearly here we’re not interested in footballers advertising products they really know they shouldn’t, rather we’re looking back at a time when stars of the day had a bit more class and style and some of our favourites boosted their pocket money with some extra curricular activities.

Whether it’s Captain Fantastic showing a bit of pinball wizadry, Dave Brubeck taking five in the kitchen, Ringo getting suited and booted, Willie in his Wranglers or Rod kicking it in his Kickers we’ve dug out a selection of rarities for you to feast your eyes on and of course the icing on the cake is Mr Entertainment himself showing us all how a Nehru suit should be worn (with obligatory cigarette in hand of course).


Sam Cooke

The Yardbirds Advert

The Hollies Miss Disc Advert

Dave Brubeck


Kenny Rogers Alcoa Advert


Lou Rawls Beer Advert

Spooky Tooth Birds Eye

ringo starr

Rod stewart

The Rod Stewart Speaker

Willie Nelson

Alice Cooper

Elton John Pinball

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