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Wish You Were Here – Restaurant Postcards

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So how do you make sure your customers don’t forget their delicious meal? With postcards of your fine eatery to go of course. Back in the day, cafes and restaurants produced a postcard of their establishments to publicise themselves and their wares and here we have a selection for you to peruse. These are mainly from the US of A, and containing some fine examples of Googie Architecture along with great mid-century vibes.

The 50’s, 60’s and 70’s provide the best examples, especially the latter two decades, and many of these fine establishments are still around to this day. Feel free to write in should you have had an experience of any of the places on show, food tales are always welcome here.

They say you should never write an article on restaurant postcards when you’re hungry, as you tend to pig out. Well we’ve managed to stop at 15 images – we think we’ve been very restrained. There were countless postcards of ‘Tiki’ Polynesian 50′s restaurants, but we’ve avoided these and gone for the more adventurous, forward thinking designs, we kinda like that space-age vibe man.

The Great Gables - Miami, Florida

Britling on the Highlands Cafeteria Birmingham AL

Clark's Cafeteria Salt Lake City UT

Cliff House San Francisco in the 1960's

Rod-N-Reel - Gold Beach, Oregon

Dining Room Brookdale Lodge CA

Waddle's Coffee Shop - Portland, Oregon

Ice Cream Fiesta at South of the Border - Dillon, South Carolina

Cactus Pete's Jackpot_NV

Canyon Cafeteria Cody WY

Philippe The Original Restaurant Los Angeles CA



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