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Brimful of Sixties Record Adverts

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Now in its 5th year, the annual Record Store Day has become something of an international phenomenon. Falling every year on the 3rd Saturday of April it is a celebration of all the good things your local record store can supply you with (mainly vinyl records) and a way of boosting their takings for a day and keeping them in the limelight. If you have a local record shop then pay them a visit today (Saturday 21st April) and you may well find some special, one-off deals or you may find that elusive piece of vinyl you’ve been after for years. It seems vinyl is going through somewhat of a renaissance at the moment but local record shops are still struggling – if you can, give them your support, they’d love to see you.

By way of a Record Store Day celebration we’ve put together some cool advertisements from the 1960s to inspire you. Once you’ve checked them out hop on the bus and pay a visit to your local vinyl emporium. You know it makes sense!

moody blues 5-29-65
jelly beans 1965
question mark2
left banke 1967
paul b 1
swfob 9-28-68
faces RCA 9-66
easybeats heaven july 1967
sarah vaiughn
hbr 9-17-66
twiggy may 1967
verve may 1967

simon garfunkel zoo march 1967


stones jj flash 6-8-68



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