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The Art of Electronics – 1961 Motorola Adverts

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Welcome to the world of tomorrow with Motorola – New leader in the lively art of electronics.These illustrated adverts by Artist Charles Schridde portray a future where we will spend half of our time listening to the stereo and watching TV and the other half cleaning windows. The advertisements featured in various magazines in 1961.

These days Motorola are known for manufacturing mobile phones, but back in the early Sixties it was all about Televisions and Hi-Fis.So take a look at a future that looked bright and where televisions on pendulums or underwater would be the norm and not a mobile phone in sight.




1961-63 Motorola - underwater TV

1961-63 Motorola - cave

... Motorola uncropped!
1961 ... pink (detail)  - Motorola

1961 ... in the solarium  - Motorola

1961 ... space-age old world  - Motorola

1961 ... in the sun  - Motorola

1961 ... under the dock  - Motorola

1961 ... coastal cantilever  - Motorola

1961-63 Motorola ... city view




1963 Motorola - outdoor

1962 Motorola- nautical

1961-63 Motorola- no furniture

1961-63 Motorola- pendulum




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