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Panini Goes Pop – 1968 Cards from the Vaults

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Having been stuck away somewhere in the dusty recesses of the Internet these Panini cards have come out wide-eyed and blinking to reveal a little piece of history from 1968.

In 1960 the Panini brothers from Modena, Italy found a collection of stickers that a Milan company was struggling to shift and thought they could do a better job of marketing them. They quickly realised they had the magic touch when they managed to sell the whole three million with relative ease. The following year they founded Panini, sold 15 million stickers and in 1962 shifted a remarkable 29 million.

The 1960s saw Panini’s focus fall squarely on football stickers but for the purposes of this post we are looking at 1968 Panini Cantanti collection or for those of you, like us, who are not fluent Italian speakers, Panini Singers.

There are a significant numbers of cards in this collection so we’ve generously curated them for you and tried to come up with a blend of the cool and the slightly odd. Which ones are which should, hopefully, be obvious.


1960s Stickers


1968 Panini Cards

1968 Panini Cards lionel hampton



1968 Panini Cards lola falanaJPG



The Doors


The Primitives


The Motowns


The Byrds


Baja Marimba Band


The Yardbirds




The Who


1968 panini pop cards


Dik DIk


Martha Reeves and The VAndellas


PAtrick Samson Set


Mister Anima


King Curtis




Equipe 84


New Trolls


The SUpremes


1968 pop panini cards


STormy Six


David Anthony Moods


Spencer Davis Group


The Temptations




Aretha Franklin


JAmes Brown


The Beatles


Timi Yuro


Wilson Pickett


Bovvie Gentry


The Rokes




The Four Kents


Herb Alpert




The Kinks




Stevie wonder 1968

Thanks to David Halpen for the use of his collection View Here



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