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On The Cards – Greetings From The Sixties

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The greeting card ritual can be traced way back to the ancient Chinese who exchanged good will messages for the New Year. By the 15th century the custom of sending cards continued throughout Europe. One of the first examples of a Valentine’s Day card is currently displayed in the British Museum in London.

Here we have a collection of groovy greetings cards from the swinging sixties that escaped the bin and found their way to the loft or thrift store, then the world wide web.

Happy Viewing and all the best from Voices of East Anglia



1960s Birthday Card




Happy Easter



1960s Birthday Card



1960s Greetings Card



swinging sixties birthday card



Happy Birthday



Groovy sixties card



birthday card



1960s Birthday Card



Birthday 1960s



Happy Birthday Sis



1960s greetings card



Daughter Birthday Card 1960s



Christmas Card



Happy Birthday 60s




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