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Bottoms Up – Vintage Alcohol Advertisements

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Nobody does casual sexism quite like the drinks industry in the 1970s. It’s taken quite some time and it’s been such a gradual process that most of us haven’t really noticed it but when we look back at these ads we can see that the battle against blatant sexism, whilst still ongoing, has in many ways progressed beyond all recognition. There’s quite a macho undertone running through a lot of these ads which no doubt goes with the territory although quite how a young Woody Allen got involved in advertising spirits we can only guess at. Perhaps the link is drinking makes you funnier and more attractive and after several warm shandies on a Summer’s afternoon we’d be inclined to agree.

Dizzy Gillespie Advert

smirnoff advert


eartha kitt

Vintage Ad #555: Guy and Oscar

Scotch Advert



1960s Drink Ad

Gordons Gin advert

White Horse


Jean Shrimpton

Smirnoff Vodka - Woody Allen

Johnnie Walker

Smirnoff Ad 1968
Teachers Scotch
... outerspace martinis!
White Horse - 1967
Johnnie Walker Red - 1967
Smirnoff - 1967
White Horse - 1967
Vintage Ad #462: Gordon's Goes Trippy
Seagrams - 1973
1970s drink ad
Teachers advert
1970s Gin Advert
seventies advert

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