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Australian Women’s Weekly Adverts

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G’day mate. A few words on Australia Women’s Weekly or simply The Weekly as it is more commonly known. For ages it was the biggest selling magazine down under but has recently been usurped by Better Homes & Gardens.

The Weekly has been going over 80 years now having started in 1933 by media mogul Frank Packer who was father of Kerry Packer for those of you old enough to remember. For those who are unfamiliar with the name but have a vague interest in cricket then it might be worth checking out. However, we digress. Check out this great archive of material from The Weekly from back in the day. See, we managed two paragraphs there without one mention of Sheilas.


Australian women's Weekly



Australian women's Weekly Swinging sixties





Crimplene Australian women's Weekly



Australian women's Weekly Swinging sixties christmas




Scamp Car




Australian women's Weekly Swinging sixties ad




Australian women's Weekly Swinging sixties fridge ad




Australian women's Weekly 1970s ad



Swimsuits Australian Womens weekly


Australian women's Weekly 1970s Bathroom



Summer 1960s



Australian women's Weekly 1960s room




Australian women's Weekly 1970s


deodorant ad




Australian women's Weekly 1960s furniture



two TV Family



Bri-Nylon 1970s ad



Brand New Floors Advert




Dickies Towels 60s ad



Husband Australian Women's weekly







Flower Power




London says




SInger Sewing




1960s lux dress


 Pictures from  Vivat Vintage Tumblr

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