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The Drying Art of Tea Towels

1960s, 1970s • 16392 Views • Comments Off on The Drying Art of Tea Towels

Some people buy tea towels with their favourite band, television show or product printed on them and hang them up on the wall to show their loyalty. Others purchase them as gifts or souvenirs to remind themselves (and others) of the happy time they spent at their favourite holiday destination. And of course most people buy them to perform the mundane task of drying up.

Here we have a few tea towels (Dish towels to our American readers) from the sixties and beyond. Most of them seem to have escaped any dish drying action at the time. The Rolling Stones haven’t faded away, Dougal’s fur hasn’t worn away and there are no beer stains on the illustrated Harp lager lady.


Fresh Milk Tea Towel


Man on The Moon

The Beatles Tea Towel

Heinz Tea Towel

1972 Tea Towel

Harp Tea Towel

Decimal Tea Towel

Tails tea towel

1978 Tea Towel

London Tea Towel

The Magic Roundabout


Star Trek

French tea Towel

London Drying Cloth

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