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The World of Kays – 1970s Catalogues

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Do you want to know how much a Crimplene casual suit cost in 1977? well you’ve come to the right place (They were available in beige, burgundy and blue and could be delivered to your door for under twenty pounds)

Here we take a second look at the wonderful world of Kays as we flick through the pages of various Summer and Autumn catalogues from 1973 to 1977. We go back to the era of Glam Rock where youngsters could buy flared trousers and T Rex T shirts, while big haired, shirt wearing, tooled-up middle aged men hung around sheds.

In 1977 Punk was sweeping the streets of the UK, however Kays weren’t selling ripped clothes held together by safety pins or Tartan bondage trousers. The Kays style for men that year included wearing a dressing gown with a shirt and tie and the young men’s shoe section in seventy seven had more platforms than Kings Cross station.


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