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Can You Spare A Dime – Vintage Jukeboxes

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Previously we’ve taken a look at the phenomenon that was Scopitone – a big old juke box with a TV on top showing some of the earliest videos ever made. Well, continuing on the juke box theme we now take a look at juke boxes without big TVs on top – just juke boxes in other words.

These ‘disco look’ juke boxes from the 1970s sporting some rather dubious names such as the Matador, the Mystic 478 and of course the Golden Jet, take us back to our flare-wearing, disco dancing younger days when Wurlitzer ruled the roost and Atari had yet to discover the delights of computer gaming. They signal a period when juke boxes went from looking like the cars of the time festooned with chrome, big bump strips and loads of flashing lights (and in a way similar to Googie Architecture) to a sleeker more modern, squared off silhouette with very 70s patterns, lighting displays and of course, young ladies in very, very wide trousers.

VoEA Trivia Fact – the term juke box comes from the term ‘juke joint’ meaning an informal venue featuring music, dancing, gambling and drinking. The word ‘juke’ is derived from the Creole word ‘joog’ meaning rowdy or disorderly.

1970s Jukebox

Seeburg Jukebox

rockola Jukebox 1970s

wurlitzer jukebox







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