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caravan 1970s

Caravannin – 1970s Mobile Home Brochures

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Originally used as a term referring to a number of people travelling in convoy we now have a different image when people talk about caravans. Whether you are a pro-caravan person (a caravanner perhaps?) or one of the anti- brigade we’re sure you’ll appreciate these retrotastic caravan ads from a bygone age.

So hitch-up, connect the calor gas cylinder (other brands of gas cylinder are available), put the mini-kettle on the stove and settle down with a cuppa in a plastic mug and enjoy our hand-picked selection, oh and mind your head on those kitchen units.


RV Brochure 1970s

rv 1970s brochure

winnebago brochure 1970s

brochure 1970s

brochure 70s

brochure rv 1970s

 Source Retro-space

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