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Unexpected Gems – Paul Nicholas Run Shaker Life

1970s, Music, Television, Unexpected Gems • 8049 Views • Comments Off on Unexpected Gems – Paul Nicholas Run Shaker Life

Paul Nicholas, for those of us old enough to recall his most successful TV role, is best remembered as Vince Pinner, the ‘lovable rough diamond’ in John Sullivan’s pre-Only Fools & Horses sitcom Just Good Friends. He’s enjoyed a long and varied career since with the theatre being his main focus but he started off in showbiz as a singer and curiously enough his second and third single releases were penned by Pete Townshend and David Bowie respectively.

In our latest Unexpected Gem we look at an obscure gospel-tinged Richie Havens cover from Paul Nicholas – Run Shaker Life. Quite how he sneaked this one past the record label execs we don’t know but for a Peterborough lad he can certainly get down with the best of them.


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