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Splash of Colour – Psychedelic Advertising

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In the past we have dabbled with psychedelic Advertising in our post featuring different 7up vintage billboard posters,However, this time we’ve cast our psychedelic net a bit wider.

At the end of the Sixties and early Seventies corporate companies started to embrace psychedelic imagery and designs for their advertising. In our broad range of pickings of magazine and poster adverts there’s everything from a Banana Splits breakfast set to a bank advert. So as the groovy Yellow Pages slogan says “Let your fingers do the walking” through our psychedelic-selection….Man.


Psychedelic Car Advert
Psychedelic Drink  Advert
Psychedelic Klopman Advert
Psychedelic Airline Advert
Psychedelic Bacardi Advert

Psychedlic Typewriter Advert

Psychedelic Satin 1960s Advert

Psychedelic Banana Splits Advert

Psychedlic Love Lite Advert

Psychedelic Yellow Pages Advert

Psychedelic Jetland Advert

Psychedelic Gin Advert

Psychedelic Motorola 1960s Advert

Psychedelic Bank Advert



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