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25 Groovy Hippy Book Covers

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Similar to our previous Vintage Beatnik Book covers post, these books about Hippies are a mixture of novels involving the hippy lifestyle and insights into the hippy scene, such as our favourite “We are the people our parents warned us against” – nice snappy title.

Turn-on to this groovy gallery of covers in honour of the dropped-out generation.



hippie scene

The Hippy Handbook

The Flower People

The Butterfly Kid

The Hippy Cult Murders

The Tripper

Tuned Out

Do It

The Owner

Sex Pot Acid

The Alternative

The Hippie Trip

A Tiger in Haight Ashbury

Hippie Sex Communes

We are the people

Hang up

Psychedelic Sex

The Hippies


Death of a hippie

hippie Hariot

The Hippie Papers

Hippy book

101 Hippie Jokes

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