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Sounds of The Space Age

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High fidelity equipment straight from the set of Barbarella. Take a browse through our selection of pictures of futuristic designed turntables and Hi-Fi equipment from the Sixties and Seventies.
There’s the Grundig space age Audiorama 4000  – which would make a great rapper name. The UFO shaped Weltron record player and the delightfully named Audio Egg – perfect sounds for the perfect shape!
Philips Record Player model 22GF, 1969
Grundig Audiorama 4000 Hifi
JVC and Braun 2
Wega 3300 Red
Weltron 2007 folder
Weltron 2005 folder
Space Age Turntable with Boots
The Best Stereo System... Ever
Electrohome Model 860 Apollo stereo phono
Philips portable record player 5
Electrohome -TIME- 19-01-68
Stereo Lays an Egg!
The Audio Eggs by Panasonic

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