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Jauna Gaita – Cool Covers From Latvia

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Sometimes minimal and simplistic graphic designs are the most effective way to sell your products, and here at VoEA we think this applies to these cool covers of Canadian-Latvian culture magazine Jauna Gaita (New Course)

When the second world war finished many Latvian writers packed their bags and moved on to pastures new and set-up publication houses in Canada, America and Great Britain. The Canada based Jauna Gaita magazine was first published in 1955 and continues to this day.

Here we have some of our favourite modernist style covers from the mid sixties to the eighties, if you fancy checking out all their covers from the past to the present click over to the Jauna Gaita website.


Jauna Gaita 1966

Jauna Gaita 1968

Jauna Gaita 1969

Jauna Gaita 1970

Jauna Gaita 1971

Jauna Gaita 1972

Jauna Gaita 1975

Jauna Gaita 1980

Jauna Gaita 1980s

Jauna Gaita 1981

Jauna Gaita 1983

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