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Everyday People – Sixties and Seventies America

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If you want to get a taste and a feel of an era or a decade, then a good place to start is to take a look at photos of normal everyday folk of the time. In this post we’re going across the pond and back to the late sixties and seventies. A time when The Godfather was the film to see in 1972 and Anti-War protesters of all ages took to the streets of Washington DC in 1969.


These pictures are from a photo collection called The Seventies. The majority of them were taken on the streets of Pittsburgh –  where the photographer lived. There’s also a couple of shots of hippies and a flower selling girl in Oklahoma. The traffic jam and overturned taxi cab pictures were taken in Pittsburgh after the 1971 World Series victory.



New Movie In Town

Judy In Oklahoma 1973
Seventies Gents
Liberty Strutters
Chicora Concert  1971
Union Sq 1970
Tear Down the Wall
Mobil Service
Okie Hippies 1970
A Continental Guy
An anti war demonstration

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