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I’m a record cover – Sleeve Faces

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Many people love vinyl records for their history, others for the soft analogue sound and some for the tactile nature of being able to put a needle on a record. Then there’s those who like to get an album cover and create what they call a Sleeveface. The definition of which is ‘one or more persons obscuring or augmenting any part of their body or bodies with records sleeve(s) causing an illusion’.

The precise history of this relatively recent phenomenon is hazy but the term ‘Sleeveface’ is believed to have first been used by a Welsh DJ based in Cardiff called Carl Morris as recently as 2007. Morris and his collaborator John Rostron published a book in 2008 called ‘Sleeveface : Be The Vinyl’ which put together the best examples of submissions to their website called (not surprisingly) 


The origins of the first ever Sleeveface are open to debate but many attribute it to a Huey Lewis & the News album called ‘Picture This’ from 1982 where Huey holds one side of the album cover featuring his face – in front of his face; thus demonstrating that nothing is new and everything is a remix.

We’ve had a good root around and put together our own gallery of Sleevefaces. Whether it’s art or not is another debate but there’s a lot of creativity out there and you certainly can’t do this with a CD or MP3.

The Style Council : Walls Come Tumbling Down!

Petula Clark
Arctic Monkeys
Sleeveface 106_Neil Diamond 'Greatest Hits'
Randy Newman
This Years Model

Converting Kath into Buffy Sainte-Marie

simon and dennis
day 38 - mireille.. mireille..
Gil Scott
The Undertones : All Wrapped Up
Diana Ross / Marvin Gaye : Diana & Marvin (gatefold inner)
An Evening With Belafonte/Mouskouri
Miles Davis : Decoy (gatefold)
Dean Martin Sleeveface

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