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  • Vintage Recording Studio Gear

    • 23741 Views • 1960s, 1970s, Magazine, Music, Retro AdvertisingComments Off on Vintage Recording Studio Gear

    We’re not going to pretend we know much about Vintage recording studio gear – because we don’t. We just like these Sixties and Seventies magazine adverts for the images and designs, the cool fonts and the bizarre slogans like “The...

  • Life Magazine – London 1966

    • 28938 Views • 1960s, Fashion, MagazineComments Off on Life Magazine – London 1966

    Previously on Voices of East Anglia we’ve raided the archives of Life Magazine for pictures of  New York City in the Summer of 1969 and Hippy high school fashion  – This time it’s Sixties London.  These pictures were taken by...

  • Summer in The City – 1969

    • 12311 Views • 1960s, Everyday People, Fashion, MagazineComments Off on Summer in The City – 1969

    The Seventies were just around the corner and Canadian singer Bryan Adams had yet to write a song about it. These Summer of 1969 photos from the August issue of Life magazine show a sizzling New York City in the last Summertime of the decade...

  • Downbeat Magazine covers

    • 15673 Views • 1960s, 1970s, Literature, MagazineComments Off on Downbeat Magazine covers

    Still going today, Downbeat magazine features Jazz, Blues and Rock. Here are some nice scans of various covers from the sixties and seventies. Cover stars include Stevie Wonder, Roland Kirk, Miles Davis, Dr John, John Coltrane and more. Nice!...