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  • Paint Your Waggon – Indian Street Art

    • 9259 Views • Art, FoodComments Off on Paint Your Waggon – Indian Street Art

    This article could quite easily fit into a number of categories here at VoEA, maybe Street Food, or the numerous advertising blurbs we’ve covered, Art even. A number of things…. India. The Raj. The heat. The spiritual Ganjes. The curries…. A...

  • Takin’ It To The Streets

    • 5724 Views • Everyday People, FoodComments Off on Takin’ It To The Streets

    Street food is really ready to eat food, sold in the street or similar public places, like a market etc, usually by a hawker or vendor, and from a portable stall. Countries and regions vary on their favourites, and to get to really know a place on your...

  • Cooking with Vincent Price

    • 19569 Views • 1960s, Food, LiteratureComments Off on Cooking with Vincent Price

    When he wasn’t cooking witches as Matthew Hopkins in the film Witchfinder General, Actor Vincent Price could be found in the kitchen cooking a nice roast dinner. In addition to his acting career, Vincent Price was also a noted gourmet cook. He...

  • Bring A Pack Lunch

    • 7129 Views • 1960s, 1970s, FoodComments Off on Bring A Pack Lunch

    We don’t really do irony here at VOEA, we tend to feature what we like, love, or find interesting at least. And this is no exception… It’s lunchboxes. ...

  • James Brown Japanese Noodle Adverts

    • 8226 Views • 1970s, Food, MusicComments Off on James Brown Japanese Noodle Adverts

    Here at Voices of East Anglia we can never get enough of Mr Brown promoting obscure products and it don’t get much more obscure than this. Oh to have been a fly on the wall at the Japanese advertising agency brainstorming session when they came up with...

  • Cold as ice – Lolly and Ice Cream Adverts

    • 24303 Views • 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, Food, Retro AdvertisingComments Off on Cold as ice – Lolly and Ice Cream Adverts

    If you’re somewhere in the world where it’s hot and the sun is shining and you need to cool down, then take a look at these groovy ice cream and lolly related adverts that are straight from the retro fridge. Included in our icey picks are...