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Swedish House Mafia – Ikea Catalogues

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Now to Sweden and everybody’s favourite / most hated (delete as appropriate) Scandinavian, flat-pack, bargain-basement, meat-ball serving furniture store and of course, the world’s largest furniture retailer – who else could it be but Ikea or should that be IKEA.
There is a very valid argument that when you have stumbled across a winning formula you really should stick to it and our friends at Ikea / IKEA certainly seem to have done that – since about 1970.



1964 Ikea Catalogue

1965 ikea Catalogue

1966 Ikea Catalogue

1967 Ikea Catalogue

1969 Ikea Catalogue

1970 Ikea Catalogue

1971 Ikea Catalogue

1972 Ikea Catalogue

1973 Ikea Catalogue

1974 Ikea Catalogues

1975 Ikea Catalogue

1976 Iea Catalogue

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