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Two Dimensional – Paper Dolls from the past

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The first ever paper doll called Little Fanny (stop giggling at the back) was manufactured by London company S and J Fuller way back in 1810. Two years later the two dimensional dolls appeared in America, they were published by J. Belcher of Boston.

Twenty years later the first “Celeb” paper doll hit the shops in the shape of Marie Taglioni the Italian/Swedish ballet dancer.

Here we skip forward a few years to check out some groovy paper dolls from Psycho actor Anthony Perkins to Disco diva Donna Summer.

Jane Fonda

Go Girl

Mod Paper Dolls

Anthony Perkins

Cher Paper Doll

Mike Nesmith

Francoise Hardy

Audrey Hepburn Paper Doll

Peter Sellers

Julie Christie



Bardot Paper Doll



Kojak Paper Doll


Donna Summer Paper Doll


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