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Retro Magazine Covers – File Under Miscellaneous

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In our quest to find cool pictures from the past for your viewing pleasure we occasionally stumble upon groovy one-off retro magazine covers that feature eye catching  pictures, fab fonts or sometimes both.

For example we would of liked to have done a whole feature on the magazine that caters for service station and garage managers, but alas we could only find the May 1971 edition. On the other hand we did find further copies of  retro Italian electronics magazine Radiorama, however the other covers would of made your eyes yawn with boredom as they show endless pictures of mundane looking electrical gadgets.

We hope you like what we’ve found so far on our travels and keep this page bookmarked as we’ll certainly be adding our latest finds to it in the future.

The Other Underground Newspaper

Amateur Radio

1967 Rag Mag


Nude Mood

Magazine Cover

Art Magazine

retro Italian Radiorama Magazine

Easy Magazine

Flight International

Pep Magazine

Japanese film magazine

Retro Martial Arts Magazine


Andre The Giant and Blondie

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