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Make it Big – Advertising Billboards

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Recently we’ve seen Roy Lichtenstein unveil a massive promotional poster for his first art exhibition and we’ve gazed at the Rock and Roll (and soul) billboards on Sunset strip.  Now we cast our net a bit further as we take a look at some huge posters promoting music, films, vinyl records, televisions buildings, cars and love – The band and the feeling

In this post we return to the strip to take a look at The Doors assembling a billboard for their album in 1967,  cast our eyes over Love’s fornicating font used on a poster promoting their LP Forever changes and check out the Op Art ad for one hit wonders The Knack.

Then we have Nilsson and Sam Cooke pictured with their boards and a couple of humongous billboards in New York,  including one displayed in Mid-Manhattan for the 1976 film King Kong – which is more impressive than film.


rolling stones billboard


Nilsson Billboard

Sam Cooke Billlboard

James Brown Billboard

Record Shop Billboard


Al Green Billboard

1970s Billboard

Marvin Gaye Billboard

The Knack Billboard

Plymouth 1970 Billboard

Love Forever Changes Billboard

Space Needle Billboard

The Doors Billboard

RCA 1969 Billboard

Plymouth barracura, 1967, vintage ad, billboard

Stevie Wonder Talking Book Billboard

King Kong Billboard



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