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Banks – Nicer on The Outside

1960s, Architecture • 9530 Views • Comments Off on Banks – Nicer on The Outside

These pictures could have squeezed there way in to a range of our architectural posts, as they show some fine examples of Modernist architecture, a splash of Googie architecture, and even some nods towards Brutalism…. It’s given us a chance to show some great designs and forward thinking, and we never get tired of perusing a few more examples.

The one thing they all have in common? They are all banks. Financial institutions. Legalised thieves, you know the ones. As much as we hate to do an article on banks, it’s really all about the building, and not what vile crimes against humanity that occur within their walls. There really is some nice designs. Perhaps the idea that the building will be a bank colours the approach the architect takes when designing. Clean lines, symmetrical shapes, functional, simple spaces all add to the charm in our book, and lets hope the buildings stay upright in years to come, so other generations can enjoy them like us.


Trust Company Bank on Monroe Drive

Edward Durell Stone Office Building, San Jose CA

Irwin Union Bank and Trust

Office building (2350)

Jetsons Bank


South Bay Bank

Los Angeles, CA Mid-century Modern bank (Columbia Savings)

Sabine State Bank & Trust Co.

mid-century bank

Auto Teller

Bonne Terre Federal Savings & Loan

former Citizens Bank branch

Englewood, CO Bank of Choice front

Modern Bank Interior - Ken Johnson 1965

Coachella Valley Bank (now a branch of Chase Bank)

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