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A Day or Two in the Life

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Culled from one mans collection of photos, the following pictures are in chronological order, and chart his life from 1964 aged 21 to 1969 (possibly later, the last pics are undated). We have pics of the man himself, the girl he meets and subsequently marries, and his surroundings during that time – the mid to late 60’s. He attends Exeter University, holidays in France, and develops himself as a producer of stage productions, something which he seems to develop as he goes along. 

We can’t show all his pictures, so we’ve handpicked a selection out, but they are all very evocative of the period and student life, and deserve to be seen now. It appears he lives in Liverpool at one point, and ends up in Wapping working on a project with his wife and others, theatrical no doubt. The wedding looks pretty hip and carefree, and we end with pictures taken on their honeymoon.



1964 (age 21)  -  3rd Year at Exeter in Bordeaux : June : Bike Adventure


1965 (age 23) – Vac before MA Year at Exeter > Aug-Sept
1965/66 (age 23) – Exeter MA > Autumn Term > Oct-Dec

1967 (age 24) – Exeter PhD 1st Yr > Summer Term > May-July

1967 (age 24) – Exeter PhD 1st Year > Summer Term > June
1967 (age 25) – Exeter > PhD 2nd Year > Autumn Term > Oct
1968 (age 25) – Exeter PhD 2nd Year > Spring > Mar-May

x the mersey was so romantic back then

. 1968 (age 25) – July  :  what happened next

1968 (age 26) Sept-Dec > … if there’s a letter, a letter for me!

1968/69 (age 26) Dec26-Jan9 > two weeks together

1969 (26) Jan-Apr > Chester > Open Design

1969 (aged 26) July > Liverpool > Hello 24 Wapping!

This was our wedding:

We're married!
 Walking to the reception

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