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Trainspotting – British Rail Ephemera

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Relax in style and let the train take the strain as your favourite retro railway provider Voices of East Anglia whisk you back to a time pre-privatisation of more genteel rail services.

A time when British Rail still existed, when you could get a hot baked potato with butter for 10 new pence and when Captain Caution made sure pesky kids kept themselves well away from dangerous railway lines.

modern railways september 1965

British Rail Inter-City - 1967

british rail hostesses 1972

highlights 1967 cover

group travel plan 1966 1

holiday runabout tickets

1978 advertising preview 1

British Rail Travellers Fare showcard - Hot Baked Potatoes - 10p, c1975

British Rail - The New Leeds station - brochure, 1967

1978 advertising preview 12

British Rail -

dolly birds' day out 2

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