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Pump it up – Sixties and Seventies Tyre Adverts

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They go on wheels, they’re round and made of rubber, Tire is the preferred spelling in America and Canada, it’s a pain when they go flat or get punctured and tyre manufacturers Pirelli produced some controversial calendars. And that just about covers our knowledge of tyres – Enjoy the Adverts.

VoEA Trivia –  The Michelin Man’s real name is Bibendum.

Pirelli 1960s Advert

1960s Goodyear Advert

Dunlop 1960s Advert

Lambretta Dunlop Advert 1960s

Firestone Tire Advert

General Tire Advert

Tire for lovers advert

Illustrated Dunlop Radial Advert

Fun Rubber 1970s Tire Advert

Dunlop Radial Advert

Groovy Radial Advert

Tyre Trouble

1970s Tyre Advert

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