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Street Parades From The Past

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Since the Middle Ages there have been parades and carnivals, from lavish processions like the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade to a few Leyland lorries bound for the local town fete.

Here we have a few Fab floats from the past. At the front of the parade is a rather groovy Maas Brothers one from Florida, complete with Op-art decor, Dancers and a band.Then at the end of the procession is an interesting low budget Planet of the Apes themed float courtesy of Debenhams, can you spot the apes? Also keep an eye out for a record breaking float featuring Tillman the Skateboarding dog.

Floral Festival Parade Albury 1966



Food Fair Float – 1967

Taco Bell on Parade – 1967

Float 4th of July 1969

Hot Jazz Float - 1951 Rose Parade

197108 237 Humphrey B Bear

197108 235 Rural Bank girls

197108 242 Happy Dragon

The skateboarding bulldog!

Sesame Street on parade!


NY Streetscapes 374

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