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Baby You Can Drive my Car – Illustrated Automobile Adverts

1960s, 1970s, Retro Advertising, Transport • 18656 Views • Comments Off on Baby You Can Drive my Car – Illustrated Automobile Adverts

Whilst we’re not by any means petrolheads (we think that’s what they call car fanatics) here at VoEA we do appreciate classic car advertisements done well. Here we take a look back to what must be the golden age of car ownership. A time before global warming or as it’s now known climate change was invented and when petrol was cheaper than water.

These American and Canadian illustrated ads from the late sixties into the 1970s take their cues from flower power, spy movies, court jesters and the great outdoors. Must go, I’ve got to answer the call of the Mustang.



Dodge Advert

1967 Falcon Auto Advert

1967 Ford Fairlane Ad

1967 Automobile Advert

1967 Chevrolet 427 Corvette Convertible =Illustration

1960s Auto Advert

1970 Pontiac Grand Prix

1970 Chevrolet Impala Hardtop

1970 Ford Torino GT Convertible

Ford Mustang range 1967

1967 advert Automobile

1967 Mercury Cougar

1967 Ford Country Squire Station Wagon

1969 Holden Hurricane Concept Car

Firebird Advert

1971 Plymouth Cricket

1967 Chrysler 300 2 Door Hardtop

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