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Unexpected Gems – Bruce Forsyth Lucretia Mac Evil

1970s, Music, Television, Unexpected Gems • 10304 Views • Comments Off on Unexpected Gems – Bruce Forsyth Lucretia Mac Evil

OK kids, for a Brucie bonus point, who knew that the great man himself had recorded such a groovy track as this?

Here we see Sir Bruce Joseph Forsyth-Johnson take on the Blood, Sweat & Tears psychedelic, jazz-funk classic ‘Lucretia Mac Evil’ and if we’re honest make a real success of it. 

There’s heavy drums, a thumping bassline, big horns and a Fender Rhodes electric piano break right in the middle. Chuck in vocals from one of the UK’s longest-serving and most versatile entertainers and you’ve got a recipe for a rip-roaring, funked up humdinger of an Unexpected Gem. Didn’t he do well?

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