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Paint Your Waggon – Indian Street Art

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This article could quite easily fit into a number of categories here at VoEA, maybe Street Food, or the numerous advertising blurbs we’ve covered, Art even. A number of things…. India. The Raj. The heat. The spiritual Ganjes. The curries…. A fascinating place, big and diverse, and lets face it, stricken with poverty in a lot of places.


So when it comes to advertising, people in India get a little more creative., as they do in most poorer ( economically ) countries. They paint a lot of ads on buildings, carts, lorries, anything in the street really. If it’s seen by people, they are on it. And they are not afraid of delicate subjects either, straight up there, no messing. The many electrical junction boxes you see, are covered in handwritten adverts for kidneys – I kid you not.


The reason we are featuring them here, is that a lot of them look great. They have a multitude of signs, and neon boards, but the most impressive and colourful are the hand painted jobbies, very nice. There is something so great about things like this, that we may have lost here in the developed world with all the red tape and regulations, however, we can enjoy these images here and now in the comfort of our own homes ( or workplaces ).



Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India

cunning intricate marketing
Swastik - the roof of india - whatever this is all about!
underwear sign, jaipur, india
detergent cake, jaisalmer, india
vasectomy advert
Funky Indian
nippon battery, kalimpong, india
hingoli sign, jaislemer, india
Advert, Mysore

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