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40 Groovy Retro Japanese Adverts

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Sometimes in life you seem to end up following a path you never quite expected and that seems to be the case here at VoEA. When we started this blog we had a rough idea what we wanted to do and the rest has kind of followed. One of the recurring themes and also, it has to be said, one of our favourite subjects is retro advertising – particularly from the 1960s and 70s. Maybe it’s because some of us were young whippersnappers back then or maybe it’s just that they look so dated yet so familiar.

Here we revisit Japanese Retro Adverts and we’ve selected a number of ads from our favourite period which we particularly like. Alongside what must be the funkiest ever ad for a washing machine courtesy of Sanyo, we’ve got a cartoon Sammy Davis Junior continuing his association with Suntory Whisky, Sophia Loren looking gorgeous promoting Honda mopeds and a very rare (to our knowledge anyway) ad featuring Twiggy advertising Morinaga Choco Flakes. 



1960 advert


1965 advert




Vintage Car Advert


Japanese Make-up Advert


whisky advert


expo 70 advert


washing Machine Advert


Japanes FAshion Adverts




Cananda Dry Advert


Japanese Make-up Advert


Shaver advert


Twiggy Japan Advert


retro advert


Hairdressers advert


1970 advert from Japan


Japanese record player ad


Japan Farm Ad


Eye Make up Advert


Pip advert


speaker advert


Japanese Headphone Advert


Sammy Davis Whisky Ad


Retro Chewing Gum Advert


Japan Car Advert 1970s


1970s Japanese advert


Retro Pen Advert


Japanese Sanyo Ad


Nippon express


Seiko Japanese Advet


Camera advert


Illustrated Japenese Advert


Chic Girl Advert


Sophia Loren Honda Advert


lipstick advert


Sun Mate Advert


1965 advert


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