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Takin’ It To The Streets

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Street food is really ready to eat food, sold in the street or similar public places, like a market etc, usually by a hawker or vendor, and from a portable stall. Countries and regions vary on their favourites, and to get to really know a place on your travels, the street food experience is a good start. 

The fare can be very regional, or exotic, and is usually fast, or finger food. It’s usually fresh, good value, definitely authentic, and hopefully won’t upset your delicate stomach. Asia is a leading area for this type of food, but any slightly less affluent area normally boasts it’s fair share of street food. Statistics from the Food and Agriculture Organisation say, 2.5 billion people eat street food every day. Tuck in.
Here are some nice examples of street food and it’s providers.


food vendor

Beijing, China street food vendors

Grilled Foods Vendor

Food vendor, Bangkok

Food Vendor #4

Chinese Crayfish Street Food Vendor

Street food

street food

Saigon Street food

Street food... literally

Street side Pho Ga

Street Food

Deep Fried Goodness 2

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