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Vintage Japanese Adverts

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Here we have Three Groovy 1960s Japanese TV Commercials for your viewing pleasure. The first one features Mister Sammy Davis Jr in a Santory Whisky advert, and in another there’s Film star Charles Bronson. In this one Mr Death Wish looks more like Anchorman Ron Burgundy than a ruthless vigilante. He’s puffing away on a pipe and shooting a gun in an advert for Mandom, whose advertising tagline reads – All the world loves a lover, all the world loves Mandom.

National Water Filters, 1972
RonRon Brand Intercom-phones,1972
Japanese Hobby Advertisment
Toyota Mark II
Toyota Mark II
fabulous slippers and afghan
Emsa Plastic Ware,1972
Sewing Thread Advert.
Hitachi Transistor Radios
Vitamins For The Active Life
my research - Japan vintage 2
Punch, Magazine For Men
Japanese Ad, 1970

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