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Lee Ferrell – His son is kind of a big deal

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 Cannonball!! Comedy actor Will Ferrell may have played a mean Jazz flute as Ron Burgundy in the film Anchorman, but back in 1967 his father Lee Ferrell was blowing saxophone and tinkling the ivories for The Righteous Brothers Band

Prior to joining The Righteous Brothers Band, Lee also played saxophone with surf rockers Dick Dale and The Del-Tones. Former Del-Tone Member Art Munson  says “he would be totally spontaneous. He was very, very funny” – Like Father like Son.

Lee gave up playing with The Righteous Brothers band to take care of his children. In 1978 he returned to music when he released a solo Country music Album called  “Hard Times”

Click Here to read the full story of Dick Dale and Will Ferrell by Art Munson.

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