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It’s Only Teenage Wasteland -Bedroom Wall Posters

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Remember when true loyalty meant rolling up a ball of blu-tack and applying it to four corners of your favourite poster? When you could show your mates how cool and hip you were with your impressive collection of Athena posters? There was a time when our bedroom walls marked out our true tastes and also helped cover up some pretty minging wallpaper. Here we look back to a time when all that seemed to matter was who was Number One and when the new Jam single was being released.


1970s Dorm Room

Sept. 1969 - Rm.123 at John Mabee Hall, The University of Tulsa

Vintage Bedroom Decor

1980s bedroom wall Part 2

The Girl With No Name
my room

Stevo Bedroom circa 1972

My dream house. 70s posters still on the wall

Straight outta the '70s.

My room in a London flat 1986 #2

My Farrah Fawcett Poster

Teenage Posters


1970s Dayglo posters, (one for Corvette Sting Ray), pennants and other other stuff decorating my room (in brilliant flashcube light). Milford Connecticut. July 1972

wall collage



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