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  • It’s the quiz of the week – Anglia TV Musical Director Peter Fenn

    1970s, Music, Television • 4784 Views

    Keeping retro and regional we pay tribute to  the Norwich based musician Peter Fenn, who was best known for composing the quirky organ theme to the Quiz of the week – Sale of Century. The Anglia television programme was hosted by Nicholas Parsons, the show regularly gained weekly viewing figures of around 21 million.


    Peter Fenn was born in Great Yarmouth on April 1st, 1931. During the second world war he was sent to Wisbech, it was here where he gained a desire for music after playing Piano at the local Grammar school.
    When the war was finished, Peter became a music teacher in Bowthorpe during the day while leading his own Orchestra around concerts in Norwich and the surrounding area. In 1958 band leader Leslie Douglas was so impressed with Fenn that he offered him the summer holiday season for 18 weeks in Weston Super Mare. At the time the performances paid four times a teacher’s salary. 

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  • The Outcasts – 1985 East Anglian Biker Gang Documentary

    1980s, Documentary, Television, Youth Culture • 13642 Views

    While their counterparts in America were cruising in the sunshine down Route 66, East Anglian biker gang The Outcasts were riding up and down the promenade of Great Yarmouth in Norfolk.

    Here we have for your viewing pleasure 50 minutes of footage from a 1985 BBC2 documentary covering the antics of the Norfolk biker crew The Outcasts – Enjoy Continue Reading

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  • Shop Around – 1976 Argos Catalogue

    1970s, Ephemera, Retro Advertising • 17278 Views

    Argos established itself as a British catalogue retailer in 1973, after Green Shield stamps founder Richard Tompkins thought of the idea while on a Greek holiday in the city of (Yep, you guessed it) Argos.

    Here we go back to the super seventies and take a look at the pages of the the 1976 CatalogueFlicking through this catalogue is similar to visiting a really good car boot sale or a trip to London;s Camden Market, but in book form.

    All the classic Seventies items are in the catalogue,including the Spacehopper, Six Million dollar man doll, Lava lamps, Sodastream , orange rocket lamp and the chopper style bikes. If this is your era or you have a passion for retro stuff, enjoy a scroll down memory lane.  Continue Reading

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