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  • Paul's Boutique - The Beastie Boys

    The Beastie Boys Paul’s Boutique Tribute By Solid Steel

    DJ mix, Music • 3618 Views

    The cats at Ninja Tune records have come up trumps yet again with their excellent re-interpretation of the Beastie Boys legendary Paul’s Boutique album presented recently on their Solid Steel Radio Show and now available for download from Soundcloud.

    There’s really not much we can tell you about the original album that’s not already been said but suffice to say DJs Moneyshot, Food and Cheeba have excelled themselves with this mix of the original samples combined with commentary from the Beastie Boys, vintage interview clips and plenty more on top.

    It comes highly recommended from all of us here at VoEA and if our sources are correct has registered the highest number of downloads for any of the long running series of Solid Steel Radio Shows. Check it out we’re sure you’ll love it! Continue Reading

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  • Elle

    1967 French Elle Magazine

    1960s, Literature, Magazine • 4921 Views

    Keith Richards, Red cable knitted jumpsuits, Psychedelic umbrellas, Jaques Dutronc and some groovy illustrations from Guy Peellaert are just a few of the highlights from this French issue of Elle magazine which was published way back in May 1967.

    Today Elle magazine is the world’s largest fashion magazine, it’s now available in 60 countries with 42 international editions. Elle (She) was founded by Pierre Lazareff and his wife Hélène Gordon in France in 1945. During the sixties sales of the magazine reached 800,000, at this time it also had the famous slogan “Si elle lit elle lit Elle” – If she reads, she reads Elle. Continue Reading

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  • The Temps

    Reworked Album Covers

    Art, Vinyl • 2604 Views

    Previously we’ve featured the wonderful album cover reworkings of graphic designer Jeff Rochester in our Reimagined Jazz record covers post and a gallery of Recovered Hip Hop Album Sleeves

    This time we have a mixed bag of musical genres from soundtracks to folk, plus a dash of Trip-Hop. Included in this collection of album redesigns are Nick Drake, Massive Attack, The Temptations, Miles Davis and Beck. Continue Reading

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  • Pavements of New York in The 1970s

    The Pavements of Seventies New York

    1970s, Everyday People, Literature • 4257 Views

    Call it what you want – the big apple, the city that never sleeps or just plain old New York. Here we have photos from two books that were published in the seventies and capture the street life of the city.

    The pictures were taken from the books “The Pavements of New York” by Nicolai Canetti which was published in 1976 and “New York” a 1977 publication that featured photography by Bernard Hermann. Continue Reading

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  • Chemosphere house

    The Chemosphere House

    1960s, Architecture, Futuristic • 7867 Views

    It’s been featured in the Encyclopedia Britannica, it appeared in Brian de Palma’s 1984 film Body Double, it’s been in an episode of the Simpsons as well as The Outer Limits and it was constructed on a plot of land nobody thought could be built on. Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the Chemosphere house considered by many to be one of the finest homes in Los Angeles. Continue Reading

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