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  • funky

    Forty Funky Catalogue Pages From The Seventies

    1970s, Ephemera, Retro Advertising • 8826 Views

    It’s time to sit back, chill out and take a scroll back to the seventies in this jam packed post full of grooviness. We’ve sifted through pages and pages of American and Canadian 1970s catalogues from the huge Wishbook catalogue collection.

    In our super seventies selection of pages we have mood lighting and inflatable chairs for those who like to relax, groovy stereos for you vinyl lovers, a deluxe padded bar for those who like a tipple and for all you super-cool people out there we have a Fonz faced Happy Days bedspread “Now That’s Cool” Continue Reading


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  • something for the weekend

    Something For The Weekend Sir?

    1960s, 1970s, Fashion • 1865 Views

    The noble tradition of barbering must rate alongside, ahem, ladies of the night as one of the oldest professions around. Whether it be a short back and sides, classic mullet or a flat-top you can always rely on your trusted local barber to assist in your quest for a new look. Continue Reading

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  • British Rail

    Tickets Please – British Rail Ephemera

    1960s, 1970s, Ephemera, Transport • 2071 Views

    Relax in style and let the train take the strain as your favourite retro railway provider Voices of East Anglia whisk you back to a time pre-privatisation of more genteel rail services.

    A time when British Rail still existed, when you could get a hot baked potato with butter for 10 new pence and when Captain Caution made sure pesky kids kept themselves well away from dangerous railway lines. Continue Reading

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  • 1970 yearbook

    1970 Yearbook Portraits

    1970s, Everyday People • 2163 Views

    It’s long been a tradition amongst American colleges to compile a Yearbook at the end of the final academic term to enable students to look back when they are older and have their kids laugh at the clothes they thought were cutting edge and on-trend looking unbelievably dated and from another time completely. Continue Reading

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  • out on the floor

    Out On The Floor

    1960s, 1970s, Retro Advertising • 1469 Views

    Here at VoEA Towers we not only love vinyl records, we also love vinyl flooring and the time has come for us to share that love with you.

    Whilst it’s still used now vinyl flooring has been usurped from the top table of the flooring world by more modern and let’s face it, trendier products such as that laminated wood stuff. Back in its heyday through the 1970s and into the 80s vinyl floors were where it’s at and offered a cheap, durable and easily replaceable alternative to expensive tiles in a world of rapidly changing interior design. Continue Reading

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