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  • Obama Jazz Album Covers

    Barack Obama’s Jazz – Album Cover Inspired Designs

    Art, Vinyl • 2681 Views

    One of our main unwritten rules here at VoEA Heights is that we stay well away from both religion and politics. Therein lies the road to loads of trouble! However we all know rules are here to be broken and when we saw this it seemed just too cool to pass by so allow us a brief moment to dip our toe into the political pond water and do our bit for the 2012 US elections.

    Many people consider JFK to have been the coolest ever US president and whilst we admire his effortless nay timeless Ivy League style we are big fans here of the present incumbent and are actually quite jealous of our friends across the pond. Whatever it is that makes people cool (and we don’t pretend to know for one minute what that indefinable ‘thing’ is) Barack Obama has it in droves. David Cameron most certainly doesn’t.  Continue Reading

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  • Madeline Bell

    Madeline Bell In Concert

    1970s, Music • 2805 Views

    Despite hailing from New Jersey and now living in Spain, Madeline Bell’s career has mainly been based around her success in the UK. As well as having a smash on the Northern scene (or played out oldie depending on your point of view), she’s worked with some of the biggest names in the business , has been in two successful bands and perhaps most importantly of all was the voice behind the 1980s Brooke Bond D adverts. Continue Reading

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  • Paper Dresses

    Swinging Sixties Paper Dress

    1960s, Fashion, Retro Advertising • 14940 Views

    After what’s been the UK’s wettest summer for over a century we would strongly advise against wearing paper dresses anywhere other than the confines of your own home but back in the first summer of love they were all the rage daddio.

    It was 1967, psychedelia was just becoming hip and as the Sixties really started to swing anything went including Yellow Pages dresses and the Mini-Paper which as its name suggests was a mini skirt cum dress made from a newspaper. We guess they never really took off for practical reasons which is a shame because the Campbell’s Soup paper dress is a real winner in our eyes (and five years behind Andy Warhol in case you were wondering). Continue Reading

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  • Liza Melba Moore and Nancy Wilson

    Unexpected Gems – Liza Minnelli Use Me

    1970s, Music, Unexpected Gems • 4316 Views

    Born into Hollywood royalty, daughter of Judy Garland, winner of an Oscar, two Golden Globes and an Emmy, one time Queen of Broadway and er, collaborator with the Pet Shop Boys Liza Minnelli’s career has been long, varied and very successful.

    Perhaps though, now in the autumn of her life, she can look back and reflect that the ultimate accolade of being chosen as one of VoEA’s Unexpected Gems has truly put the icing on the cake of a stellar musical and acting career.

    Here we look on admirably as Ms Minnelli covers Bill Withers 1972 classic (taken from his album Still Bill) ‘Use Me’ and comes away with her dignity intact and her reputation more than boosted. Continue Reading

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  • Jazzbeaux

    Hipster Saint – Al ‘Jazzbeaux’ Collins

    1950s, Music • 1598 Views

    Al ‘Jazzbeaux’ Collins was a DJ and Broadcaster specialising in jazz, and an early pioneer of hipster speak along with the likes of Lord Buckley who we have featured before. He worked for a stack of radio stations and presented several television shows including ‘Tonight’ in 1957. His purple patch was the 1960’s, where he became a minor celebrity, and a major one on the jazz scene. Continue Reading

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