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  • herb

    Herb Lubalin – Typographer Extraordinaire

    1960s, Art • 10050 Views

    Despite the fact that he passed away over 30 years ago in May 1981, Herb Lubalin’s shadow still looms large over modern typography and the ITC Avant Garde font he devised has been used widely on many logos throughout the last two decades. His work as a graphic designer focused mainly on typefaces and how they could dramatically impact upon the message while much of his work is considered by many to be years ahead of its time. Continue Reading

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  • soul magazines

    Soulful Press – Soul Magazine Covers

    1970s, 1980s, Literature, Music • 2503 Views

    Here we have a collection of soul magazine covers, mainly culled from Soul Portraits collection on Flickr. There are foreign ones, amateur ones, new-ish ones, cutting edge ones, and 60’s/Northern inspired ones. Whatever your favourite soul period/vibe is, you should find something of interest here.

    The fanzine is represented too, amateur magazines done by fans, hence the name. The fanzine has been the lifeblood of many a music/fashion scene, most notably the mod scene during the 80’s, and there are still a few around now. Hunt them down and check them out if you can, but for now, enjoy the pictures. Continue Reading

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  • Brian Jones and Diana Ross

    Hanging Out with Diana Ross

    1960s, 1970s, Hanging Out, Music, Poster • 5873 Views

    So far the Hanging out with series has been male dominated with appearances from Keith Moon, Muhammad Ali and Jimi Hendrix. In this latest installment we introduce our first lady -The supreme soul singing sensation Diana Ross.


    In this post we’ve avoided pictures of Diana hanging out with her label mates at Motown, so there are no photos of Stevie, Smokey, Michael or Marvin here. However we do have Miss Ross out on the dancefloor with legendary comedian Groucho Marx, posing with The Supremes along with four of the Dave Clark Five, Tarzan actor Ron Ely (dressed as nuns) and The Small Faces, solo with Michael Caine and Brian Jones (Above) and grooving the night away with Richard Gere at New York night club Studio 54. Continue Reading

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  • architecture books

    Architecture Books – They’re Brutal

    1960s, 1970s, Architecture • 3954 Views

    We’ve done a few posts on Brutalist Architecture before albeit just scratching the surface of a deep and complex subject matter. Here we take a quick look at a number of the books that have been written on this important topic mainly in the 1960s judging by the style of the covers on display and we would imagine most of these authors were arguing the case for the then dominant style of design in the UK and Europe.  Continue Reading

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  • Paul's Boutique - The Beastie Boys

    The Beastie Boys Paul’s Boutique Tribute By Solid Steel

    DJ mix, Music • 3576 Views

    The cats at Ninja Tune records have come up trumps yet again with their excellent re-interpretation of the Beastie Boys legendary Paul’s Boutique album presented recently on their Solid Steel Radio Show and now available for download from Soundcloud.

    There’s really not much we can tell you about the original album that’s not already been said but suffice to say DJs Moneyshot, Food and Cheeba have excelled themselves with this mix of the original samples combined with commentary from the Beastie Boys, vintage interview clips and plenty more on top.

    It comes highly recommended from all of us here at VoEA and if our sources are correct has registered the highest number of downloads for any of the long running series of Solid Steel Radio Shows. Check it out we’re sure you’ll love it! Continue Reading

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