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  • Shirley Bassey Public Enemy Sample

    Unexpected Gems – Shirley Bassey Jezahel

    1970s, Music, Unexpected Gems • 2955 Views

    The latest in our occasional series of Unexpected Gems sees us visiting a rarely heard Dame Shirley Bassey track that rocks the house in true lung-busting style and certainly deserves more attention than it currently gets.

    Tucked away on Bassey’s 1972 album ‘And I Love You So’ and receiving its own single release the following year in Germany this was originally done by an Italian band called Delirium, became an underground hit in Europe and was then covered by UK band The Continue Reading


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  • walton music scene

    The 1970s Club Scene – Fort Walton Beach, Florida

    1970s, Music • 1067 Views

    Let’s take a trip to the Emerald Coast in Florida and specifically to Fort Walton Beach noted for its temperate climate, year-round fishing and the fact that an elderly American couple documented the 1970s club scene for us all to view and appreciate some 40 years later.

    In the early 1970s Mr and Mrs Garner, and ageing retired couple, used to augment their pension by travelling around the clubs, strip-joints and gambling dens of Fort Walton Beach taking photos of those who wanted their photo taken. The deal was, for five dollars Mrs Garner would take your photo, make a note of your name and address and then post the photo to you a few days later once it had been processed. Mr Garner, presumably a man of infinite patience, used to drive his good lady wife from one venue to another and wait outside in his Mercedes.  Continue Reading

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  • Groovy Russian Science Magazine

    Tehnika-Molodehzi: Groovy Russian Science Magazine

    1960s, 1970s, Literature, Magazine • 5236 Views

    Welcome to Tehnika-Molodehzi magazine, translated literally as Technology-Youth. We’ve not done many features on Russian science magazines that we can recall so here’s a first for us and quite possibly a first for you too assuming you’re not Russian and not a scientist. We present to you Technology-Youth – a magazine that sums up exactly what it is all about in two expertly chosen words. Continue Reading

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  • christian record covers

    That Spiritual Feeling – Thrift Store Christian Record Covers

    1960s, 1970s, Art, Vinyl • 1592 Views

    Here at Voices of East Anglia we tend to avoid the minefield subject that is religion, however when we stumbled upon this groovy collection of album covers titled Thrift Store Christian Records on Flickr we couldn’t resist the temptation of sharing them with you.

    We’ve picked out some of favourites from the set including the funky Ralph Carmichael Our Front Porch and the soul session at his place with Arthur Blessitt – Minister to the sunset strip. Continue Reading

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  • funky

    Forty Funky Catalogue Pages From The Seventies

    1970s, Ephemera, Retro Advertising • 8352 Views

    It’s time to sit back, chill out and take a scroll back to the seventies in this jam packed post full of grooviness. We’ve sifted through pages and pages of American and Canadian 1970s catalogues from the huge Wishbook catalogue collection.

    In our super seventies selection of pages we have mood lighting and inflatable chairs for those who like to relax, groovy stereos for you vinyl lovers, a deluxe padded bar for those who like a tipple and for all you super-cool people out there we have a Fonz faced Happy Days bedspread “Now That’s Cool” Continue Reading


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