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  • Wilson Pickett and Duane Allman

    Wilson Pickett and Duane Allman – Birth of Southern Rock

    1960s, Music • 17060 Views

    Whilst there’s undoubtedly a story of sorts behind every record, some are definitely more interesting than others and this one in particular really caught our eye. Here we take a brief look at the 1968 recording of ‘Hey Jude’ by Duane Allman and Wilson Pickett at the FAME (Florence Alabama Music Enterprises) Studios, Muscle Shoals, Alabama. Arguably the first ever ‘Southern Rock’ record. Continue Reading


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  • steve holland

    Steve Holland – The World’s Greatest Male Model

    1950s, 1960s, Art, Book Covers, Literature • 3280 Views

    Far be it for us to say who is The World’s Greatest Male Model but according to James Bama, an American ‘Western’ illustrator who created the Doc Savage paperback covers, Steve Holland earned that particular nom-de-plume. Whilst Bama was an illustrator his style was what is known as ‘photo-realistic’ whereby photos of the subject matter are taken and the illustrator uses those as his guide and the end result, whilst still a painting, has the look and feel of a photograph.

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  • Charles Street Fair 1970s

    Everyday People – Charles Steet Fair, Boston 1970

    1970s, Everyday People • 1296 Views

    In this post we’re going back to Boston, Massachusetts during the seventies to check out some more wonderful street life pictures from Nick Dewolf’s extensive photo archives. These great black and white pictures were taken at the 1970 Charles street fair in Boston’s historic neighbourhood Beacon Hill. The set features various crowd shots from the event, an unknown band taking their sound to the streets and a road dominated by Volkswagen Beetles – Bug out! Continue Reading

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  • Icographic Magazine

    Icographic Magazine 1971 – 1978

    1970s, Art, Literature, Magazine • 1455 Views

    Icographic Magazine was a visual communication magazine started in 1971. By visual communication we mean signs, logos, fonts etc, anything that gets a message across, and the simpler, the better. We are big fans here at VoEA of these simple modernist style designs, and so plundered the net for a few pics of the aforementioned magazine. Continue Reading

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  • 1960s clip art

    Groove Is In The Art – 1960s and 1970s Clip Art

    1960s, 1970s, Art • 3038 Views

    Anyone even vaguely acquainted with a computer will have no doubt come across Clip Art before which gives us all the ability to liven up even the dullest presentation or essay with witty and erudite royalty free pictures and cartoons. Well, not surprisingly, Clip Art is by no means a new invention and has been around almost as long as printing itself. Here we take a brief look at recent Clip Art history followed by some of our favourites from the Bart & Co. Historic Clip Art Collection – a real labour of love if ever there was one. Continue Reading

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