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  • Wonder Bread

    Wonder Bread

    1960s, 1970s, Food, Retro Advertising • 1937 Views

    Wonder Bread has been a staple of the North American diet since the 1920s, was one of the first bread brands to come in sliced form, contains both vitamins and minerals and perhaps most notably has been mentioned in the Cliff Richard song Up in Canada (we never heard of it either).

    It’s not so much the bread we’re focusing on here though but the advertising and the great logo. Have a look at our selection of adverts we’ve dug out including a couple of dubiously sexist ones and what appears to be the world’s fastest bread van. What will they think of next? On a side note and aimed squarely at our American readers does anyone know whether the late 80s / early 90s series The Wonder Years was named after this particular loaf? Just wondering. Continue Reading

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  • which 1960s magazine

    Sixties and Seventies Which? Magazines

    1960s, 1970s, Art, Literature • 3166 Views

    Nowadays if you’re thinking of making a major purchase, you can pop into your local newsagents and buy a Which? magazine for Travel, Money, Car, Computing and Gardening. However in this post we go back to a time when Which? Motoring was a mere supplement in the flagship consumer magazine.

    These great covers are from various issues of the magazine that were published during the sixties and seventies. We’ve picked out some of our favourites from Delicious Industries, including a Roy Lichtenstein style cover and an issue that deals with the hot topic that is “shoe repair” Mend them or throw them away? Continue Reading

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  • Retro London books

    This is London – Retro Book Covers

    1960s, 1970s, Book Covers, Literature • 6308 Views

    London has always been an inevitable focal point for authors throughout the years, its sheer size and diversity making it an appealing and familiar setting that still retains a certain air of mystery.

    Here we look at books or more specifically book covers centred around the capital from the 1960s. There’s the predictable tome about rhyming slang, the oddly titled Adolescent Boys of East London, Skin Deep in Soho (we’ll give you three guesses as to what that’s about) and one of our favourites, the sequel to the compellingly titled Sir, You Bastard, simply called You Nice Bastard. We can’t vouch for the contents of any of these books but the covers look great. Continue Reading

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  • The Bike Brothers

    The Bike Brothers

    1940s, 1950s, Sport, Transport • 2795 Views

    In the UK, Europe and the US at the moment there’s been quite a bit of resurgence in the popularity of cycling which, unless you’re Jeremy Clarkson, can only be seen as a good thing for everyone. Fewer cars on the road, more fit people around thus reducing the burden on the NHS, cool bike gear and cool bikes and a chance to appreciate the rich heritage and history that cycling has. Continue Reading

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  • Obama Jazz Album Covers

    Barack Obama’s Jazz – Album Cover Inspired Designs

    Art, Vinyl • 2203 Views

    One of our main unwritten rules here at VoEA Heights is that we stay well away from both religion and politics. Therein lies the road to loads of trouble! However we all know rules are here to be broken and when we saw this it seemed just too cool to pass by so allow us a brief moment to dip our toe into the political pond water and do our bit for the 2012 US elections.

    Many people consider JFK to have been the coolest ever US president and whilst we admire his effortless nay timeless Ivy League style we are big fans here of the present incumbent and are actually quite jealous of our friends across the pond. Whatever it is that makes people cool (and we don’t pretend to know for one minute what that indefinable ‘thing’ is) Barack Obama has it in droves. David Cameron most certainly doesn’t.  Continue Reading

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