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  • Jigsaw Poster

    Take a Trip with Jigsaw – 1968 Film

    1960s, Film • 1842 Views

    Another cult movie offering for you now, and this one is from 1968….. This is a kind of who-dunnit based on the novel ‘Fallen Angel’, and is a kind of loose remake of 1965 movie ‘Mirage’ starring Gregory Peck. It’s a Universal Studio Telefilm, which is a kind of lower budget arm of the studio, and was originally planned to be a groovy tv movie. The execs at Universal deemed it a bit too risky, and so made it a general release instead./ Continue Reading

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  • Habitat

    The Construction of Habitat 67

    1960s, Architecture • 4113 Views

    We’ve previously featured the 1967 International and Universal Exposition also known as Expo 67 which was attended by an astonishing 50 million people between April and October 1967 and now we are taking a look at one of the most successful and enduring buildings constructed especially for the exposition namely Habitat 67 or just plain old Habitat as it’s become known. Continue Reading

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  • Tribe Magazine

    Diggin’ the Tribe Vibe

    1970s, Literature, Magazine, Music • 1986 Views

    1972 was a year that bought much uncertainty in Detroit.With Motown Records relocating to Los Angeles, the dominant car industry at the beginning of a terminal decline, the population dropping as people relocated to find work and the city still struggling to get over the damaging riots of the late 1960s. In times of trouble people often come together to give themselves strength in numbers and this is the background to how the Tribe musical collective was formed. Continue Reading

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  • The First Five Years

    The First Five Years 1966-1971

    1960s, 1970s, Everyday People • 2499 Views

    We’ve got a selection of photos here borrowed from the collection of James Eugene Frank (thanks everso sir). They detail his first five years at college firstly from 1966 to ‘68 when he was attending Tacoma Community College (30 miles southwest of Seattle) and then his time from ‘68-‘70 at Western Washington State College where he majored in Visual Communications before going on to become a social worker. Continue Reading

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  • spinnerin

    Spinnerin – On The Slopes

    1970s, Ephemera, Fashion • 2362 Views

    Before the days of uber-technical outdoor equipment, believe it or not, people actually used to perform outdoorsy activities in pretty normal clothing. Edmund Hillary on his historic ascent of Everest in 1953 wore a tweed jacket and a pair of hobnail boots. Nowadays people can’t even pop out to the shops without wearing the latest waterproof breathable Gore-Tex innovation from North Face or Berghaus just in case they get lost or caught in a quick downpour.  Continue Reading

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