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  • Know The Game

    Know The Game Book Series

    1960s, 1970s, Literature • 1277 Views

    Know the Game is a series of sports and hobby books that have been published for over fifty years. The books are aimed at people who want to learn about the basics of a sport.

    Most of the books were written in collaboration with the official governing body for the sport, so all the information and rules were bang up to date. Here we have some of the cool, basic and well designed book covers from the sixties and seventies. Continue Reading

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  • Back To School

    Back To The Old School – Groovy Stationery Adverts

    1960s, 1970s, Retro Advertising • 2072 Views

    Let’s take it back to the old school as we go back and look at some groovy stationery adverts from the sixties and beyond.

    In our pencil case packed post from the past we have some swinging 1960s stationery like the Twiggy pen. Then from the 1970s we have some hippy themed Something else writing paper. Then finishing off in the eighties we’ve got a Doctor Who Tardis pencil case, which we assume is bigger on the inside. Continue Reading


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  • Expo 74

    Expo 74, Spokane, USA – Souvenirs

    1970s, Ephemera, Retro Advertising • 1829 Views

    In the past VoEA has travelled back to Montreal, Canada for Expo 67 – which at the time was known as the most successful world fair. We’ve also featured some cool futuristic postcards from Expo 70 which was hosted in Osaka, Japan.

    This time we take a look at some pictures from The Pie Shops collection. The set features merchandise, maps, travel books, tickets, pamphlets and various brochures from the 1974 fair which was held in Spokane, America. Continue Reading

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  • When we were fab

    When We Was Fab – A Sixties Music Scrapbook

    1960s, Ephemera, Music • 2116 Views

    We are deeply indebted to Richard from the excellent Kernow Beat Blog for supplying us with this fantastic treasure trove of 60’s music memorabilia. Although it includes big names such as The Move, The Equals and The Zombies, it’s photos of less successful groups such as Nite People, She Trinity and The Quik that really got us excited.Should any of you be unaware of some of these acts, we’ve also included clips of our favourite songs by them to indicate what they sounded as well as looked like.

    Hopefully you’ll enjoy this glimpse into the sights and sounds of the 60’s as much as we did. Continue Reading

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  • Shirley Bassey

    Unexpected Gems – Shirley Bassey Jezahel

    1970s, Music, Unexpected Gems • 2316 Views

    The latest in our occasional series of Unexpected Gems sees us visiting a rarely heard Dame Shirley Bassey track that rocks the house in true lung-busting style and certainly deserves more attention than it currently gets.

    Tucked away on Bassey’s 1972 album ‘And I Love You So’ and receiving its own single release the following year in Germany this was originally done by an Italian band called Delirium, became an underground hit in Europe and was then covered by UK band The Continue Reading


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