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  • Paper Dresses

    Swinging Sixties Paper Dress

    1960s, Fashion, Retro Advertising • 8915 Views

    After what’s been the UK’s wettest summer for over a century we would strongly advise against wearing paper dresses anywhere other than the confines of your own home but back in the first summer of love they were all the rage daddio.

    It was 1967, psychedelia was just becoming hip and as the Sixties really started to swing anything went including Yellow Pages dresses and the Mini-Paper which as its name suggests was a mini skirt cum dress made from a newspaper. We guess they never really took off for practical reasons which is a shame because the Campbell’s Soup paper dress is a real winner in our eyes (and five years behind Andy Warhol in case you were wondering). Continue Reading


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  • Liza Melba Moore and Nancy Wilson

    Unexpected Gems – Liza Minnelli Use Me

    1970s, Music, Unexpected Gems • 2418 Views

    Born into Hollywood royalty, daughter of Judy Garland, winner of an Oscar, two Golden Globes and an Emmy, one time Queen of Broadway and er, collaborator with the Pet Shop Boys Liza Minnelli’s career has been long, varied and very successful.

    Perhaps though, now in the autumn of her life, she can look back and reflect that the ultimate accolade of being chosen as one of VoEA’s Unexpected Gems has truly put the icing on the cake of a stellar musical and acting career.

    Here we look on admirably as Ms Minnelli covers Bill Withers 1972 classic (taken from his album Still Bill) ‘Use Me’ and comes away with her dignity intact and her reputation more than boosted. Continue Reading


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  • Jazzbeaux

    Hipster Saint – Al ‘Jazzbeaux’ Collins

    1950s, Music • 937 Views

    Al ‘Jazzbeaux’ Collins was a DJ and Broadcaster specialising in jazz, and an early pioneer of hipster speak along with the likes of Lord Buckley who we have featured before. He worked for a stack of radio stations and presented several television shows including ‘Tonight’ in 1957. His purple patch was the 1960’s, where he became a minor celebrity, and a major one on the jazz scene. Continue Reading

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  • postcards from the past

    Postcards From The Past

    1960s, 1970s, Ephemera, Popular • 5324 Views

    We’ve sifted through  It’s Better Than Bad’s vintage postcard collection and picked out some of our favourites. Who needs Instagram when we’ve got the genuine article? 

    Take a trip back in time and across the world courtesy of your hosts VoEA Vintage Travel on our very own Boeing 747 with its own Polynesian pub as we jet off to the Bahamas via er, Minehead stopping off in New York, Minneapolis, Washington (for a quick anti-nuclear demo) visiting the Church of Tomorrow in Oklahoma, the Grand Canyon concourse and finally alighting at the Columbia Bankers Trust Sumter Highway office in Columbia, South Carolina. Enjoy the trip Ladies and Gentlemen and thank you for travelling with VoEA. 
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  • richard pryor

    Wild In The Streets

    1960s, Film, Music • 1407 Views

    We like our cult classic movies here at VoEA and usually for good reason. Away from all the hype and over-the-top advertising, cult classics are generally slow burners that become known through word of mouth – surely the best form of advertising known to man. So here, by VoEA personal recommendation, we present for your delight and delectation a 1968 cult classic – Wild in the Streets. Continue Reading

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