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  • Guido-Crepax-Artist

    Guido Crepax – Pop Art Milanese Style

    1960s, Art • 2813 Views

    Welcome to the world of Guido Crepax – an artist probably best-known for his erotic cartoons and the Valentina character he created in 1965. However, here at VoEA we don’t really do erotic art and all that so instead we are going to take a look at the other side of Signore Crepax – his love of pop art, jazz and the cinema.

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  • Motown

    Motown’s Marvelous Marketing Machine

    1960s, Retro Advertising • 3282 Views

    We’ve mentioned Berry Gordy’s commercial acumen and eye for a promotional opportunity before when we looked at The Supremes Special Formula White Bread although if we’re honest that was probably not his finest marketing moment. Putting that to one side however, when it came to promoting and controlling the Motown brand Gordy was somewhat of a commercial genius and knew exactly what it took to get his message across to the record-buying public at large.


    Here we take a look (in no particular order) at how Detroit’s finest promoted their acts through the 1960s and the advertising evolved from the basic beginnings to the pretty sophisticated in a few short years.  Continue Reading

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  • Australian Pulp Fiction

    Sixties Antipodean Pulp Fiction

    1960s, Book Covers • 2811 Views

    Let’s take a trip down-under mate and have a sneaky peak at the Australian pulp fiction scene of the 1960s where Horwitz Publishing were kings of the outback (well, Sydney) and churned out books at a mind-bogglingly prodigious rate.


    Horwitz Publications were set up in 1921 by husband and wife Israel and Ruth Horwitz. The business was still family run and owned until a few years ago but is still trading and by all accounts is in rude health. They started out publishing trade journals and sporting magazines for the first 20 years of their existence and then moved into the highly lucrative pulp fiction and comic book markets in the mid-20th century. Continue Reading

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  • Jazz Matches

    Jazz Matches – Have You Got a Light Boy?

    1960s, Ephemera • 1902 Views

    Just the thing for when you’re having a crafty jazz woodbine round the back of the bike sheds – yes, we bring you the ultimate in hip and cool smoking paraphernalia – jazz matches.

    Featuring all your favourite crooners, pluckers, blowers and bangers we believe these originated in Holland in the 1960s although much more than that we don’t know.

    Suffice to say if you are partial to a crafty smoke, enjoy a bit of modern jazz and don’t possess a cigarette lighter then these jazz matches are right up your street.  Continue Reading

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  • The Avengers Stage Play

    The Avengers Stage Play

    1960s, 1970s, Television • 2556 Views

    OK you lot. Who out there knew The Avengers once had their own stage play? Well, neither did we until we stumbled across some rather interesting photos and decided to dig a bit deeper. It was 1971; the stage play was technically tricky and massively ambitious as was the producer, John Mather. He claimed it would “blast the British theatre into the Seventies” but unfortunately the critics, combined with numerous technical issues meant the play was an unqualified disaster and closed down within weeks of first showing. Continue Reading

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