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  • Japanese 1970s film posters

    Super Seventies Japanese Film Posters

    1970s, Film, Poster • 4234 Views

    Here we have the long awaited sequel to our Swinging sixties Japanese film posters feature. This time we head back to the seventies and focus on Western movie posters recreated for the general public in Japan.

    Now take a seat, grab your overpriced popcorn and cast your eyes over this cool collection of Japanese cinema posters. Starting with the 1971 speed-fuelled road movie Vanishing Point and ending with the Casablanca inspired comedy Play it Again Sam starring Woody Allen. Continue Reading

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  • 1960s fashion show

    Ten Swinging Sixties Fashion Shows on Film

    1960s, Fashion • 1928 Views

    With over 85,000 clips in their video vault on you tube, we thought it was time to have a dig around the Pathe films archives for some more pop culture gems from the past.

    After wading through hours and hours of fashion film footage from Pathe, It’s now time to strike a pose as we hit the catwalks (and a bus) of the swinging sixties.  Continue Reading

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  • beatles birthday

    On The Cards – Greetings From The Sixties

    1960s • 3027 Views

    The greeting card ritual can be traced way back to the ancient Chinese who exchanged good will messages for the New Year. By the 15th century the custom of sending cards continued throughout Europe. One of the first examples of a Valentine’s Day card is currently displayed in the British Museum in London.

    Here we have a collection of groovy greetings cards from the swinging sixties that escaped the bin and found their way to the loft or thrift store, then the world wide web.

    Happy Viewing and all the best from Voices of East Anglia

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  • Australian women's Weekly Swinging sixties

    Australian Women’s Weekly Adverts

    1960s, 1970s, Retro Advertising • 3362 Views

    G’day mate. A few words on Australia Women’s Weekly or simply The Weekly as it is more commonly known. For ages it was the biggest selling magazine down under but has recently been usurped by Better Homes & Gardens.

    The Weekly has been going over 80 years now having started in 1933 by media mogul Frank Packer who was father of Kerry Packer for those of you old enough to remember. For those who are unfamiliar with the name but have a vague interest in cricket then it might be worth checking out. However, we digress. Check out this great archive of material from The Weekly from back in the day. See, we managed two paragraphs there without one mention of Sheilas. Continue Reading

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  • 1969 car

    Flower Powered – The Mod Top Car

    1960s, Transport • 2830 Views

    When the sixties had finally stopped swinging and The Who’s singer Roger Daltrey started wearing tassels, the word “Mod” became a word that advertisers casually used to brand anything. There was Barbie’s partner Ken with his Mod Doll Hair and his not so modernist moustache. Then there was the more hippy than hipster Mod Generation stickers without a fishtail parka in sight. And bizarrely in 1969 Kraft used the slogan Mod American to sell their cheese slices. To twist the words of Mod icon Pete Meaden – This was cheesey advertising under difficult circumstances.

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