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  • bobbie gentry vinyl

    Pop Stars on The Wheel of Steel

    • 3600 Views • 1960s, 1970s, VinylComments Off on Pop Stars on The Wheel of Steel

    Continuing our obsession with vinyl related picture collections, we bring you a selection of pop stars playing their favourite discs. We start off funky with Stax records’ man Rufus Thomas doing his Disc Jockey routine. Then we go on the soul...

  • The Shadows of Knight

    The Shadows of Knight – Doin’ The Potato Chip

    • 4431 Views • 1960s, Music, VinylComments Off on The Shadows of Knight – Doin’ The Potato Chip

    Recently on our Facebook page we posted a picture of a packet of crisps featuring seventies rockers Slade. After making this discovery we thought we would have a good rummage around the web for more of the same, alas we found nothing. However our time...

  • Soul

    Sanctified Soul – Pastor T.L. Barrett

    • 4771 Views • 1970s, Music, Vinyl1 Comment

    One of our  faves and a record that’s been getting heavy rotation on the VoEA office record player is the stunningly good ‘Like a Ship (Without a Sail)’ by the snappily titled Pastor T.L. Barrett and the Youth for Christ Choir. A slab of rare gospel...

  • Fifth Dimension

    London Calling – The Sound of Big Ben

    • 6736 Views • 1960s, 1970s, Architecture, Music, VinylComments Off on London Calling – The Sound of Big Ben

    Is there a more potent symbol of London and England than Big Ben? Probably not judging by the number of album covers we’ve managed to dig out using it as a reference for swinging London...

  • Cereal Box Records

    Cereal Thrillers – Cardboard Records

    • 11419 Views • 1960s, 1970s, Ephemera, VinylComments Off on Cereal Thrillers – Cardboard Records

    Previously we’ve looked at the short lived Hip-pocket record, this time we take a look at another long gone and forgotten format the cardboard cereal box record. The freebie plastic-coated paperboard records were embedded into the back of the cereal...

  • Mo Wax

    Headz Up: Mo’ Wax – Urban Archaeology

    • 3701 Views • 1990s, Music, VinylComments Off on Headz Up: Mo’ Wax – Urban Archaeology

    It’s hard to believe and we are struggling to see quite where the time has gone but legendary UK hip-hop label Mo’ Wax Records first started some 21 years ago and although they’ve not been around since 2002 they will be celebrating a big chunk of UK...