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  • 1969 car

    Flower Powered – The Mod Top Car

    • 3095 Views • 1960s, TransportComments Off on Flower Powered – The Mod Top Car

    When the sixties had finally stopped swinging and The Who’s singer Roger Daltrey started wearing tassels, the word “Mod” became a word that advertisers casually used to brand anything. There was Barbie’s partner Ken with his Mod...

  • Beetleboards

    Beetleboard – Brilliant Bug Based Billboards

    • 14387 Views • 1970s, Retro Advertising, TransportComments Off on Beetleboard – Brilliant Bug Based Billboards

    When it comes to good ideas it’s the simple ones that are generally the best. So, back in 1971 when L.A based advertising consultant Charles E, Bird was strolling through a campus car park on his way to address a college class he couldn’t help but notice...

  • 1974 Car Show London

    Seventies London Motor Shows

    • 3232 Views • 1970s, TransportComments Off on Seventies London Motor Shows

    Previously we’ve mirror, signal and manouvered and head on down the highway to the Motor city to visit the Detroit Auto Show during the sixties. We have also reversed back in time and parked up in the the windy city to stroll around the Chicago car...

  • Skycar 1960s

    Up, Up & Away – Hey Kids it’s the Skycar

    • 3786 Views • 1960s, Futuristic, TransportComments Off on Up, Up & Away – Hey Kids it’s the Skycar

    Who of us hasn’t, when sat in a never-ending traffic jam, imagined the delight to be had in rising above the cars, trucks and fumes and gliding off into the sunset without a care in the World. Well, wonder no longer kids because we might just have the very...

  • spacelander future bike

    Spacelander – Space Age Cycle

    • 4554 Views • TransportComments Off on Spacelander – Space Age Cycle

    Sometimes a new concept comes along that is radical, works well, makes sense and looks good but for one reason or another doesn’t sell and is consigned to the annals of history marked Unfortunate Failure. When it first hit the streets in 1960 the...